I am gertie Puckles

Welcome to me, Gertie P.

I am delighted you took the time to check me out.

I am a freelance writer. I am the author of my own anxiety and also of a creative young-adult fiction novel: The Here and There.

I love all things vintage. You may find me at the op-shop, elbowing you out of the way of a fluffy, yellow cardy or some thin-lipped wine glasses. The attrition rate of wine glasses tends to be high when I am nearby. Sad.

Ozzy, my cat, features throughout my work: mostly because she is static and has no choice. She is also soft and fluffy and all things perfect. Yes, I love my cat and I love my cardies.

In this blog I choose to write randomly, haphazardly and always with coffee.

Thanks for stopping by and, watch out for the broken glass.