gertie made a podcast

listen to the podcast, stay for the interview, maybe watch the video Gertie, a Podcast – is this the new you? Not quite. This cardiganed chicken made a podcast for her class ALC708. I did it and survived. My topic: digital surveillance. It felt relevant with the Australian Government launching its COVIDSafe app. My approach, […]

Where did I leave my sock: a think piece

I have this thing. A neat little personality trait. Whenever I’m out and I see an object, clearly lost, one half of a whole, like a glove or an ear pod, my brain goes to town. I visualise the mourner, bereft and confounded by their loss. Their fingers frantically fondle the forgotten folds of bags […]

walking – all the kids are doing it

Walking – it’s the new “it” thing. All the cool people are doing it – or are they cool because it’s Autumn in Melbourne and puffer jackets abound? With all the gyms closed and shelves devoid of exercise equipment, the inspired-to-exercise have had to go back in time and do what our ancestors did before […]

a dinner with hunter, spike and sylvia: getting grateful in isolation

Pass the whiskey and a beer would you, ol’ gertie. I like to double fist it. Hunter mumbles through thin lips that straddle his cigarette. I happily oblige, taking a cold beer for myself. I want to keep up with him, chugging my beer at a soon-to-be regrettable pace. Spike sits on the sofa, soapboxing […]

This font is totally me

I wonder what Drew Barrymore is doing right now? This question is a scab on my brain. I frequently find myself picking at it whenever I engage in back-breaking labour. Is Drew also shovelling two cubic metres of mulch right now? Could be. Let’s check out her Instagram page. Nope. There she is – not […]

A Very Metallica Christmas

Close your eyes and picture it. A slow guitar creep launches into finger-wailing madness as Kirk heralds the new metal-Christmas anthem ‘We Three Kings of Orient Are’. Angles will weep.

Surviving with kindness in a covid-19 world

We are living in strange times. This is not the same world we knew a couple of months ago. That world had hugs, handshakes and free helpings of encroachment on personal space. To quote Eric Carmen’s epic 1976 hit ‘All by Myself,’ ‘those days are gone.’ Eric, you have no idea. Most of us in […]


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