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Here, I discuss all manner of things useful and not: from thoughts on vintage wonders to why Metallica should have a Christmas album.

This blog is an eclectic mix of musings, photos and more.

Latest from the Blog

self-published to self-validation: the cardiganed chicken who could

Get with the program, Gertie. You have a book to get out to the world. What will you do with it? If you’ve read some of my other blogs, you may know that I’ve written a novel called The Here and There. What you don’t know is that, in haste, I sent this book out…

Digital Innovation will never replace the museum: gertie speaks.

Picture it: New York City (NYC), November 2016. Christmas lights lassoed over trees. Their seasonal cheer casts an ambient light across steam and cement. People sip coffee, ruined by pumpkin flavoured yuletide spirit. As the daylight hours wane and wallow in the approach to winter, I find refuge inside NYC’s endless art galleries. The Whitney.…

gertie made a podcast

listen to the podcast, stay for the interview, maybe watch the video Gertie, a Podcast – is this the new you? Not quite. This cardiganed chicken made a podcast for her class ALC708. I did it and survived. My topic: digital surveillance. It felt relevant with the Australian Government launching its COVIDSafe app. My approach,…

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